So I decided to create a logo for my freelancing company.

Finding a name

Having a company name is actually fun when you're a freelance. I could have chosen a simple and unimaginative name such as "Detoeuf Consulting", but I decided to have some fun. I won't go into much detail about how the name Upcoding came about, but I groped around the word "code", which constitute the raw material for my work (that and grey matter of course). I had also to search for a name that was not already taken in France on and Infogreffe.

I was really relieved when I found Upcoding since it's short (but not too short), catchy and original. Then I looked it up in a dictionnary.

A fraudulent practice in which provider services are billed for higher CPT procedure codes than were actually performed, resulting in a higher payment by Medicare or 3rd-party payors

Well, that hurts and isn't very positive. On the upside, all of my clients are French. One day may come when I'll have international customers, but I'll explain it if I have to. And since French people aren't very fluent in English, this should not constitute a problem or probably only if they google it. This is why I'm staying with the name Upcoding

Anyway, I like the sound of it and it sounds much like "Upcoming", which sounds as interesting as a movie trailer. Also, the "Up" has a positive connotation, too. The "coding" is there to identify what my job is related to.

Designing a logo

So here it is.

As most tech logos, I went with a simple sans-serif font : Montserrat

To make it a logo, I had to have a twist to it. Letters "p" and "d" are symmetrical opposites and can be the link between the two parts of the name. To make that connection even more significant, I decided to make it with italic letters that make a diagonal line that cuts the logo in half, each half having 3 letters. To emphasize this, letters on each side were brought to 50% grey.


I personally think that the end result works well. I could probably be work more on it, but this is a good first version for me. For now, I'll leave it like that and let it mature. If I find later on a new idea to make it better, I'll improve it.

When I see first logos from famous brands, I know there is room for improvement. It is also not a problem to change the logo from time to time. So let's call this one my V1.

Let me know in the comments what you think. Improvements are welcome too!