I'm a passionate freelance software developer.

Software is becoming central in most companies. Scratch a successful company's surface and you'll see software. Digital solutions are becoming core to many businesses and as Marc Andreesen claimed

Software is eating the world

Businesses who embrace it are now amongst the top in the world. All of them invest in software and all know that their survival depends on software.

This is why I choose to pay a special attention to quality in software. My concern as a developer is to bring together a company's digital strategy with its business strategy as one cannot go without the other.

I've spent more then ten years helping businesses with their digital solutions. This means acquiring special technical skills in order to bring what was only an idea to production. And technical skills is not enough by itself. As well, I've managed to embrace agile methodologies which allowed me to gain a better understanding and access to business needs.

Freelancing is a way to better appreciate and collaborate with my clients. I aspire to help my clients build quality software which meet business needs. Having my own business is a way to get together with clients who share the same level of quality that I value in software.

This is what I mean when I say that I'm a passionate software developer.

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