After trying a few alternatives such as static site generation with Jekyll or well-known WordPress, I've decided to use Ghost for blogging.

Let's admit it, I like to have control over my blog and that's why I like the Jekyll alternative. Even though it was hosted at Github, the repository was pushed from my PC to Github, which gave me a sense of control. In that sense, I could switch hosting. has a nice interface and is very user-friendly, but apart from export, blog data is mainly on I agree that I could also have hosted my own WordPress too.

I decided to try another open-source blogging platform which allowed me to use MarkDown for writing.

Desktop view

As of now, I'm really satisfied by it. It works well on web and mobile and its performance is great on a Raspberry Pi 3. I could put it easily on a Nginx server and SSL configuration was simple.

Mobile view

Just wished that upgrades could be done in the admin interface, but that should be the case in version 1.0 which is currently alpha.

The themes for this blogging platform are nice and lean and all of them adapt correctly on mobile. Editing on mobile is really simple and has an auto-save feature that re-enables after being offline.