I've decided recently to start blogging again. In the past few months, I've decided to make a decisive turn in my developer life. I've decided to go freelance. I'll probably blog more about the subject and how I got on this path in another blog post.

For now, I intend to start blogging again on a regular basis (we'll see how it goes this time). I've picked up a few articles from my previous blog that I moved to this shiny new Ghost blog. This blogging platform will probably be the subject of a few blog posts too.

I'll be blogging, yes, but with a different goal. Previously, I was blogging to share interesting subjects. Seems like a decent thing to do. I spoke with Emilien Pecoul about blogging. He blogs on a regular basis. He explained to me that blogging should be selfish. It's something you do for yourself more than for others. Sure it can interest and help others, but you have to do it for certain selfish reasons. I like this idea of selfishly sharing. My goals for this blog are like so.

  • Be a better writer
  • Learn in more depth by writing it down
  • Fame and glory, baby!

Here are some famous blogs that inspired me, whether it be for content or style.

There are probably more but these are the ones I can think of right now.