I've been blogging for several years now. I'm not a perfect blogger. After several years of practice and conversations the subject I'd like to share my experience.


For bloggers, time is an important matter. Some subjects need to be posted fast to avoid being outdated. Other subjects, on the contrary, have fewer constraints and can be refined and polished a few months after their first draft.

I know some bloggers who adopt a schedule for their posts. Some of them try to keep with the one post a week. Others, like David Gageot posted every day for a year.

Personally, I try to blog every month or so. I do so to keep up the rhythm, but I mostly need inspiration for it.


Inspiration is key to blogging. I have a ton of ideas, but not enough time to write about them. Usually, when I get an idea, I draft a post with title and a brief summary. Then I let it cool down a bit. Later on, I can delete the post if it was not such a good idea after all. I keep only the best ideas at the time of writing and get to work on the most inspiring subject of the moment.


Some think that writing blogs should consist of writing quickly, with no regards to grammar and syntax. Writing blogs should not rely solely on formatting such as bold fonts or underline to make a point. Professional writing should have formal tone, one that can be understood by people for whom English is not their native tongue. It avoids ambiguity, sarcasm and second degree altogether.

A key thing about writing a blog is the audience. Focussing on the audience can sometimes bridle and author. Stop thinking about who will read a post and write for yourself. This post, for example, is an excellent way to organize my thoughts on such a subject and can also serve as a reference for my future posts.


A post will be written once but read (hopefully) more than once, so make your post readable. Use concise sentences, using formatting like titles, bold, italic, and even images. Don't hesitate to make small paragraphs so as to not frighten your readers.

Reread yourself once, but remember that good is better than perfect, so no need to spend too much time fixing every sentence. Use your time and thoughts for writing yet another blog post.

Keeping it small

While some blog posts can serve as a reference to many readers, know that the vast majority of your readers will dedicate a few minutes to reading a blog post. Keeping it small is also a sure path to loyal readers.

There is much more to say about this subject, but these are my main ideas when it comes to writing blogs. I try to live by these rules as most as I can. Feel free to share your thoughts in comments below.